Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

We invite parents and other members of community to work with us to deliver a meaningful education to our students.

We encourage students to intern as a trainee in various social and commercial organizations so that they can learn practical skills on job. We encourage parents to attend joint training sessions along with their children.

About Chairman

Dr Wg Cdr Subhash Sindhwani, took premature voluntary retirement, after 20 years of excellent service in Indian Air Force, Defense Research and Development, Defense production Organization, to start his second career as an entrepreneur. Apart from his business ventures, he founded Chanakya Academy in 1993. However he gave up his all business interest in 2010 and set up Chanakya Community College – community college scheme was introduced by IGNOU as major reform to push through National Skill Qualification Framework to make education skill based and employment oriented. He moved to USA in 2014 and started Stepsure LLC a consulting company to facilitate technology transfer from USA to India. Chanakya Public School was setup in 2019.

His 45 years of career developed as a Manager, Trainer, Consultant, Entrepreneur and finally as a Social Entrepreneur. He is currently engaged in research into Vedanta, an ancient Indian philosophy which is increasingly being realized as true and that the world as we see and experience, emerges in human brain. Universal Consciousness – Sat Chit Anand – manifests in various forms and is accessible to all of us. He is deeply interested in Science and Spirituality and is engaged in finding answers to basic questions of life – why we here and what is the purpose of our life. An avid Golfer, voracious reader and keen bridge player, Subhash divides his time between USA and India.

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